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According to Outlaw Kart News the 2016 Manufacturers Championship was determined by the top 2 finishing drivers in each of the following events: Millbridge Speedway Speed 51 Challenge, Big Sky Kartway Wild West Shootout, English Creek Speedway Dirt Kart Nationals, Cycleland Speedway Kyle Larson's Outlaw Kart Showcase And Red Bluff West Coast Nationals. First place points will be awarded 100 and descend by 10 to 2nd place and 5 for each position after 2nd, chassis must make A-main to receive points. Eligible chassis include but not limited to QRC Karts, SKE Karts, RFC Karts, SGC Chassis, Panther Chassis and Melt Chassis.

Position Brand Points

1st- QRC 380

2nd- RFC 320

3rd- SKE 155

4th- Panther 0

4th- SGC 0

4th- Melt 0

QRC is considered the industry leader and the premier manufacturer of Outlaw Sprint Karts on the market today.  KAM Motorsports is you QRC Headquarters so give us a call today for all your Outlaw Kart needs.

Snell Ratings for Helmets

The newest rating of SA2015 is preferred at KAM Kartway for all drivers because of its additional required safety standards (ie: fire resistance standards and testing in addition to roll bar impact testing.) Beginner drivers in the Young Guns and Jr 1 Classes may use the Snell CM2016 Standard – as this is a popular [...]

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Beginners Guide >> The initial investement

SO HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO GET STARTED?Joining the racing community as an entry-level competitor with no previous experience or background in racing takes balls. Making the initial investment takes commitment. I’m sure you have already done some Google searches if you’ve gotten to this point, and you may in fact [...]

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SAFETY BULLETINCounterfeit Hutchens Hybrid Pro head and neck restraint devices have been obtained by Simpson Performance Products and the matter is under investigation. If you have a head and neck restraint device labeled Hutchens Hybrid Pro with a 2013 SFI 38.1 label, this device may not be genuine. If this device does not [...]

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Why should your driver be wearing a Head and Neck Support Device?

Neck and Head support devices.....   Why should your driver be wearing a Head and Neck Support Device? What they do: The device (Hans, Hybrid, Leatt, etc) are desinged to impede the whiplash-like forward movement of a drivers head in a collision. Pros: The device has been shown to prevent the wip action causes the sort of skull fractures [...]

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Zamp Racing FSA-2 SA2010 Auto Racing Helmet is SA 2010 Snell rated and a bargain at $169.95

A question that we get asked a lot about is Safety Equipment, especially Helmets.  I've noticed that one of my most searched blog posts on KAMkartway.com was an article that I did related to Zamp Helmets.KAM has been a long time Zamp Helmet dealer and I am excited to relaunch our product line with the [...]

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Happy Anniversary QRC Karts

QRC Karts marks 30th year in Outlaw Dirt Kart RacingKAM has been an authorized dealer for QRC Karts going on 11 years.  Since introducing QRC to the South and Midwest regions in 2004 we have produced quite a number of National, Regional and Track Champions. QRC is the brand we trusted for our own kart team [...]

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Welcome to our new online store!

Be a "Shop Tester" and enjoy 15% off your total order (some limits apply, offer ends Nov 30th).  Just browse the catalog/products, pick a few items and place in your shopping cart, then check out.  You can register (please) or check out as a Guest. Use coupon code "Tester" at checkout.  You can pay at check [...]

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