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Snell Ratings for Helmets


The newest rating of SA2015 is preferred at KAM Kartway for all drivers because of its additional required safety standards (ie: fire resistance standards and testing in addition to roll bar impact testing.) Beginner drivers in the Young Guns and Jr 1 Classes may use the Snell CM2016 Standard – as this is a popular Youth helmet rating and meets the standards of skill and technical levels associated with beginner drivers per the SNELL Foundation.

 You may still use a Snell 2010 as long as there is no shell damage and it is not more than 5 years old.

The following is from the Snell Foundation Website:

To improve cooperation with other organizations and expand the educational efforts of the Snell Memorial Foundation, the Snell Safety Education Center was established in 1996 as a non-profit and charitable organization dedicated to provide safety educational services and information to the public. The mission of the Center is to encourage the use of safety equipment for injury prevention purposes. The Center offers free information to anyone interested in helmet safety. Lists of currently Snell certified helmets by name and size, copies of various Snell Standards, brochures, DVDs, posters, and other educational materials advocating helmet safety are made available to the general public. The Center welcomes public donations to support our efforts.

Contact information:

Snell Safety Education Center, Inc.
3628 Madison Avenue, Suite 11
North Highlands, CA 95660
Tel. (916) 331-5073 FAX (916) 348-9195


Download educational videos:


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